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A Maidda - The Mission


Our aim is to satisfy the needs of consumers who are attentive to the healthiness of food in an increasingly widespread and uninformed context. Our idea comes the desire to show how it can be satisfying to consume one's meal while being aware of the healthiness of what one has decided to eat, by knowing the selected raw materials and the relative cooking methods used. Moreover, our strategic goal is to stimulate socialization through a series of informational activities such as workshops, conferences and meetings where it is possible to combine the pleasure of food and the knowledge, meant not as mere learning but as a real cultural exchange. In our opinion it is very important to reverse the trend of a market-focused information and adopt a counter-information based on solid scientific basis. Many consumers experience the moment of the meal not only as a simple primary need for nutrition but as a real all-encompassing experience. They appreciate the main aspects of the dish, namely the nutritional and healthy characteristics of the raw materials, the preparation techniques and the tradition as an essential value for a complete understanding of the topic.